Why support ONGD-FNEL ?

To donate to ONGD-FNEL is to support education for disadvantaged children in Nepal, acting as a lever for development in one of the world’s poorest countries. As an association originating in a youth movement in Luxembourg, ONGD-FNEL advocates the values of solidarity and cooperation in order to develop specific and sustainable projects drawing on local competences to ensure quality follow-up. Since 1989, in line with our motto “Let’s dare to help”, we have been supporting Nepalese initiatives to facilitate access to education and training.

Your donation will therefore allow a particularly vulnerable child (one who is sick, abandoned or from a disadvantaged community, etc.) to gain access to care and education and to follow a course which will lead to job skills and a future.


Your donation is multiplied

ONGD-FNEL is financed primarily by public funding in Luxembourg (framework agreement signed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation), which has a substantial multiplier effect. Accordingly, thanks to the co-financing of our projects, a donation of €100 allows us to invest €425 in Nepal.

Generosity is another source of financing and one of the pillars that are in the process of development. Donations make up significant resources and are an important encouragement for those working in the field, who are buoyed up by the interest and trust of donors.

The support of its donors allows ONGD-FNEL to maintain its ability to act and react.


The essential support from donors

Donors help to promote ONGD-FNEL’s humanist values. To become a sponsor is to give Nepal’s disadvantaged young people hope for a better future. Your action takes on a special meaning in that you develop a privileged relationship with our association by joining our community of donors. Your contribution can take different forms: a conventional donation, donation in kind, legacy etc.

Donations to ONGD-FNEL are tax-deductible: reduction in income tax (up to a limit of 20% of total income) for a minimum donation of €120 up to€ 1 000.


Donate in confidence: our commitments

ONGD-FNEL places special emphasis on transparency in the use of the funds collected. The signature of a framework agreement with the Luxembourg State and the independent annual auditing of its accounts testify to the association’s genuine ethical commitment with regard to its donors. In donating to ONGD-FNEL, you are contributing to its missions without an intermediary and with every assurance.

How to donate

By Paypal

By banks transfer on the following accounts:

  • CCPLLULL LU10 1111 1003 3032 0000
  • BGLLLULL LU57 0030 4609 8575 0000
  • BCEELULL LU25 0019 1000 4666 0000
  • BLUXLULL LU51 0081 6905 8200 1003