Project ONGD-FNEL 017 / 2017-2018

Project objective:

To provide social rehabilitation (care, a safe environment and education/training) for the children of prisoners in Sankhu, Palpa, Jhapa and Kathmandu

 Project value: €90 364  over 18 months (July 2017 to December 2018)

 Location: The project will take place in 2 Homes and 3 Day Care Centres:

  • PA Nepal Sankhu Children Home, Sankhu, Kathmandu Valley, Central Nepal
  • Aama Paradise Home, Madanpokhara VDC, Palpa District, Western Nepal
  • Central Jail, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu Valley, Central Nepal
  • Jail Area, Chandragadhi, Jhapa District, East Nepal
  • Jail Area, Palpa, Palpa District, Western Nepal


The aim of the project is to create three homes in the vicinity of prisons in order to remove children from the oppressive prison environment whilst allowing them to stay in contact with their mother. Proper supervision, a balanced diet and pre-school activities will offer them a safe and stimulating environment. 30 children aged form 6 months to 5 years will be housed at the day centres in Jhapa, Palpa and Kathmandu.

At Sankhu Home, the project will embrace 100 children aged 3-18, offering them long-term accommodation and education at the adjoining school.  The school works according to the “Junkiri (Firefly)” method developed by PA Nepal, which encourages learning  through creativity and practice rather than repetition. This method promotes children’s personal development and helps them to quickly get over their previous traumatic experiences. Regular contact with, and periodic visits to, the children’s imprisoned  parents are organised.

The Palpa Home will accommodate and look after 15 adolescents (aged 14+), who will receive training in various trades: agriculture, cookery, crafts, trekking guide, etc. The acquisition of vocational and social skills will allow the young people to integrate into society and become responsible adults.

Local partner:

The association Prisoners Assistance Nepal (PA Nepal), established in 2000 by the Nepalese human rights activist Indira Ranamagar, was a pioneer in setting up support programmes for men and women in prison and in prison reform. Website:

In 2014 Ms Ranamagar, founder and president of PA Nepal, was awarded the World’s Children’s Prize for her more than 20-year struggle on behalf of prisoners' children in Nepal.

Sustainability outlook

The aim of the project is to offer new prospects to the children of prisoners through an environment that helps them to regain self-confidence and develop their social skills, thus facilitating their reintegration into society. Thanks to competent supervision, education and vocational training, the young people will be able to enter the labour market and live an independent life.