Project ONGD-FNEL 002/2015-2018

Project objectives:

    • to support Dhulikhel Hospital’s health post at Godamchaur
    • to provide basic healthcare for the local population <
    • to provide healthcare for the pupils of the state Shree Bishankhu Narayan Secondary School


Project value: €62 484 over four years (2015-2018)

Location: The health post is located at Godamchaur, a village around 15 km south of Kathmandu and 32 km from Dhulikhel Hospital


Local partner:

Dhulikhel Hospital ( is an independent, not-for-profit institution. Thanks to its contribution to the running of the health post, the rural community of Godamchaur benefits from additional medical services such as consultations with specialists, identification and monitoring of the most common illnesses, and prevention and health surveillance programmes. In order to prevent/limit the epidemics which affect the country, the emphasis is placed on the preventive aspects of health and hygiene.

Sustainability outlook:

Dhulikhel Hospital, established in 1996, is a recognised public-utility institution and has been commended by the Nepalese government for its work in the social field. Since 1998 it has been attached to Kathmandu University and trains more than 300 students a year. This community hospital, situated in the municipality of Dhulikhel, runs 14 outlying health posts (including Godamchaur), located in rural environments in six different districts.