Projet ONGD-FNEL 003 / 2015-2017

Project objectives:

  • To award study grants
  • To provide regular health monitoring for Lalitpur's needy children, especially girls

Project value: €29 172 over three years (2015-2017)

Location: Model School Educational Assistance Ward No 5, Manbhawan, Lalitpur District. The city of Lalitpur (population 190 000) lies south of the capital Kathmandu (1 million inhabitants), on the opposite bank of the Bagmati River.


Every year, 32 children aged between six and twelve receive a study grant.

The project promotes education for girls, as poor families usually give priority to educating boys, to the detriment of girls. The pupils who benefit from a grant are chosen on the basis of socio-economic criteria, though their school results are also taken into account. All the children attend one of the two private primary schools in Lalitpur District.

Local partner:

The local partner is the association Model School Educational Assistance (MSEA), established in 2008 and approved by the Social Affairs Directorate of the Nepalese Ministry of Home Affairs. The aim of the association is to promote education for children in deprived and marginalised communities in Lalitpur District.

Sustainability outlook:

In the socio-cultural context of Nepal, basic primary education (reading, writing, arithmetic) represents a lasting benefit for the children who acquire it, and for girls in particular. On top of the simple fact of going to school, the quality and level of schooling play a decisive role in promoting gender equality and empowerment for girls and women.

The families of the grant recipients and Nepalese society in general benefit from the education and training the children receive at school.

By promoting school education for girls, this project aims to establish the foundations for sustainable development.