Hi my name is Tom Hoffmann. Right now thanks to ONGD-FNEL, I’m a volunteer in Nepal for the NGO “Prisoner Assistance Nepal”. I have been here for now almost a month during which, thanks to Indira Ranamagar the founder of PA Nepal, I have already seen a lot of Nepal. With three other volunteers from France we made a 5-day-trip to the south-east of Nepal. There we visited many different projects of PA Nepal including the “ Boys Jungle Home” in Jhapa. In an other village we distributed cookies, blankets and Mützen.

In Ilam, a small city on top of a mountain, famous for its tea, we then got to see a Nepalese prison. After this trip, we headed back to Kathmandu from where I then went to work in the children’s home in Sankhu. There I work in the kitchen, play with the kids and help with other tasks, like repairing a little bridge on the children’s path to school.  

Nepal and Luxembourg are, as you can imagine, very different. It took me some time to get used to all the changes. There is no hot water here, real toilets are very rare, you eat with your hands, most houses are not isolated at all and the roads are in a bad condition, but that is mostly because of the 2015 earthquake. All in all Nepal is still suffering from the earthquake. There are many destroyed buildings, people living in self-build sheds, electricity is still not guaranteed. But the Nepalese people are very friendly and helpful. You can always ask them something and they will often start to talk with you. Now that I got used to everything I’m really enjoying my time here in this beautiful country.

Tom Hoffmann