At the beginning of April I visited together with Julie from the ONGD-FNEL and Marc, a camera man, different projects from the ONGD here in Nepal. First we went to visit a model farm, meaning a farm where people from the surrounding villages were taught how to organize a farm and how to get their products on the market in order to make profit. We went to see different farmers who already finished the training and built their own farms, funded by the ONGD.

We continued to Pokhara were an organisation called Right4Children operates. They organize a radioshow in which children inform the listeners about children rights and other problems in Nepal. This organisation also supports a school in a village one hour from Pokhara. There we had to take part in a traditional Nepalese dance. The last project we went to was in Baglung, where people are given courses to become plumber or tailor. Very nice was that some of the students were deaf-mute. I got even a “Tofi” a traditional Nepali hat as a present and in return I took a LOT of pictures with the students. I then got back to the children’s home in Sankhu, where the everyday life continued. Helping in the kitchen, carrying Bamboo around, playing chess and basketball with the kids. Also the 14th April was the Nepalese New Year, and the children got ice cream on that occasion. For some it was the first time they ate ice cream. The next day was mother’s day and as it is unfortunately impossible for all the children to visit their mothers, they gave happy mother’s day cards to the female staff of the house.

Now school has also started again and it is again calmer here.

Time goes fast here and it makes me sad to know that my last moth in Nepal is already here.

 Tom Hoffmann